Days Have Gone By

  • By: Colin Frazer
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Colin Frazer spent a month in the gulf coast of Florida exploring the landscape and its patterns.  He then translated those patterns into the pages of his artists’ book, Days Have Gone By.  Using all the tools at his disposal, he laser cut wood blocks, printed on SCAP’s vandercook, and bound his unique book that not only includes wood block prints and laser cut pages, but also a sound element culled from his travels in the Florida wild.

5.75 x 7.5″; 38 pages. Leather covered book with snap closure. Inside pages are two pamphlet stitched sections pasted facing each other, allowing pages from each section to interleave in any order. The book was made with laser cut wood blocks on SCAP’s Vandercook Universal 1 letterpress. The pages where then subsequently laser cut and bound. The cover was also laser cut. Each book comes with a unique sound composition on soundtrack, housed on the inside of the front cover. Signed by the artist. Edition of 40.

Tallahassee, Florida: Small Craft Advisory Press, 2010