• By: Kris Merola and Tate Shaw
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Kris Merloa and Tate Shaw investigate the future of the paper photo family archive in their artist book Binder.  The pages mimic a study of family photos complete with a fictional works cited page and a laser engraved 3D object tucked into a flap at the front of the book.  Binder is the first print collaboration between Merloa and Shaw but their other collaborative project include producing photo books under their imprint “Preachers Biscuit Book”.

7.25 x 9 x 1.5″; 26 pages. Single sheet letterpress pages printed on SCAP’s Vandercook Universal 1. Photographs on Kodak Portra film scanned for digital imaging and layout. Printed on Crane Lettra paper. Bound in three-ring binder with laser engraved details. Laser cut and engraved paper sculptural object in pocket of first page. Signed and numbered by the artists. Edition of 60.

Tallahassee, Florida: Small Craft Advisory Press, 2010.