A Guide to Florida (2016)

A Guide to Florida, 2016 honors the original manuscript prepared for the Department of Public Instruction in 1939. Twelve writers and twelve artists have reinterpreted the text, filtering the culture of Florida from 1939 through their individual views of American culture in 2016. Participants include:

Keith Kopka and AB Gorham, Mary Jane Ryals and Denise Bookwalter, Jessie King and Allison Milham, Deborah Hall and Landon Perkins, Ron Salutsky and Abigail Lucien, Jay Snodgrass and Ellen Knudson, Jessica Plante and Jessica Peterson, Michael Trammel and Scott Bell, Kristine Snodgrass and Bridget Elmer, Danilo John Thomas and Michelle Ray, Christine Poreba and Kevin Curry, Jeff Peters and Sonja Rossow.

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